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okThe band was formed in the mid-1990s by renaming the legendary industrial project Střední Evropa as part of its shift from industrial to grindcore and similar styles. The new name referred to the fact that there was a maximum allowable concentration of freaks among the band members.The band focused mainly on live shows, but at the turn of the millennium they also recorded their first studio album The One and in 2006 they added a second one, Badluck. The lineup eventually settled down when Jana von Habczak, sweet lolita with Satan in her throat, became the face of the band, taking on the full role of singer and frontwoman, and dj Narco Polo, known for his incredible stunts with loops and fx, took over the beats and everything electric, except the guitars. The more elaborate vocals and greater emphasis on cyberpunk claws suited the repertoire and made it more fun without compromise on wildness.Later, when founding member Petr Trpák announced his retirement, the band invited Daniel Rodný, once a pioneer of Czech electro scene, to join them. Rodný welcomed the offer, started to perform with them and became a regular member. Now, 17 years after the second album Badluck, they have together recorded the third studio album Keep Music Evil (2024). Coming out soon. Enjoy a preview in the player (▶).

M.A.C. OF MAD have developed a distinctive sound that stems from the fusion of hellish female vocals with frantic beats, bestially brute guitar riffs and caustic harmonies. Their digital hardcore revels in unusual and uncomfortable approaches, and played with punk attitude and zero respect for any rules it sounds like an obscure, coarse-grained, all-absorbing mass of molten magma rolling straight from hell to shatter your afternoon siesta.
Jana von Habczak (voc)
DanGer (g, hell)
Narco Polo & Daniel Rodný (the rest)

Past members: Petr Trpák (g, harmonica), Roman Doležal (g, voc), Jan Duspěva (g), David Svoboda (b, eb), Robert Štembera (b), Petr Pakandl (b), Jakub Malecek (b), Milan -Beherit- Havlíček (b), Robert Hnát (kb), Jiří -Barney de la Estrada- D. (dr), Miloš Filař (dr), Petr -Kazetor- Petrásek (voc, dr), Tomáš -Chymus- Hanzl (voc), Jiří -Fido- Volák (voc), Marek Schnierer (voc)






Jana von Habczak
Narco Polo
Daniel Rodný
MAD OF METH feat. Daniel Rodný + Moimir Papalescu
Petr Trpák